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Parents Should Closely Monitor Free Chat Rooms for Kids

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Children Having Fun at Kids' Chat Room
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Since most of today’s households have more than one computer connected to the Internet, parents should be aware that they should monitor seemingly innocent free chat room for kids. With the advances in computer and telephone technology, kid chat rooms, websites and the like are sprouting up on the Internet like mushrooms going out of style.

There are literally millions of free chat rooms for kids available on the Internet but not all of them are legitimate. Although they websites claim to offer free kid’s chat or kid chat rooms, some of them are actually phishing sites that aim to steal important financial data of parents’ from the unsuspecting children.

Parents have the responsibility to educate their children and provide guidelines in order to keep their child safe on the Internet. The chat room is where there is a very high possibility that your child can get in trouble or divulge important data to a complete stranger.

Today’s kids love to chat with their friends, schoolmates, relatives and others but they should be aware that chatting with others poses an inherent danger because of the Internet’s anonymity. Although to a certain extent, chatting can be dangerous, kids can have a lot of fun if they are made aware of the dangers beforehand and are able to protect themselves.

It is up to the parents to discuss Internet safety before allowing their children to sign up with free chat rooms for kids. If your child has already signed up with kid’s chat rooms then you should remind them daily about safety concerns.

Here are some rules for online safety that parents should inform their child about especially if their kids are active in chat rooms.

Sweet Little Girl Surfing Internet in the Room
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In joining any free chat rooms for kids, minors must be reminded not to give their real name and location under any circumstances in order to stay safe in kid’s chat rooms! Train your child to always use a nickname. Although other chatter would ask where they live, teach your kid to reply in general like saying the state name and when asked for the city to just answer in the western part of the state.

Make it very clear that they are not supposed to agree to meet anyone they talk to in any chat rooms for kids, regardless if it is a free chat room for kids or not.

Advise your child that not anyone they encounter in kid’s chat rooms are really who they say they are. Remember, most children (including teenagers) are gullible. There is no way to tell if the 14-year-old kid they are chatting with in a free kid’s chat room is really a 14-year-old kid or an adult with bad intentions!

Some free chat rooms for kids offer private chat. Although there is nothing wrong with this, this is where most predators lurk in the Internet as they can gain your kid’s trust and confidence in private chat.

Parents should checkout the various chat rooms their child use in order to be able to evaluate the site’s safety.

Give your kid’s their own e-mail address so that you can closely monitor their emails.

Whatever types of kid chat room your child joins make sure that you enable the save all messages option so that you can monitor the message exchange on a regular basis.

The best way for your kid to get started is to let them join monitored kid’s chat rooms that are only accessible when an adult is available to monitor the chat room.

Chatting is a fun experience for anyone, regardless of age. Just make sure that you and your kids are aware of the potential dangers. Have fun and stay safe!


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