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Formal Maternity Wear for the Expectant Mother

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Formal Maternity DressFormal maternity wear has greatly changed from the dull and dowdy apparel of yester years that expectant mothers had to endure. Previously the range of maternity clothes was very limited. It was only in dreams that one imagined of formal maternity dresses. It could not be bought from shops.

The formal maternity dress did not budge out of the fundamental black wear that was unduly loose, hanging low akin to a sack. The main idea then was to conceal the bulge. The expectant mother definitely did not have the LBD in her wardrobe. But today the usual maternity gear together with maternity formal wear is the last word in style and fashion. These can be bought online or from special boutiques.

The whole attitude has changed with mothers-to-be not ashamed of the bulge but proud to flaunt it instead of seeking shelter behind grotesque ungainly wear. Celebrities have contributed a lot to make the baby bump fashionable. The names of Angelina Joli and Heidi Klum can be mentioned for looking gorgeous in maternity occasion dresses while proud of their approaching motherhood.

There are a large variety of maternity formal wear – flowing skirts, empire waists, cocktail dresses, straight skirts etc. The sleeves too have become short and are no longer the staid long ones of yesteryears. There are cap sleeves and even halters. Spaghetti straps are also becoming very popular for moms-to-be.

Equally glamorous are off shoulder dresses. Another stunner is the toga type one shoulder dress. The long lengths tend to make the woman slimmer but despite this short maternity clothes are also in vogue for those who are proud of shapely legs.

There is a surfeit of fabrics to tailor maternity formal wear – silks and satins are old favourites that have teamed up with organza, lace and georgettes. All of these are very popular with the new expectant mothers who are not ashamed of their approaching motherhood.

The color range is not hemmed in by black but stretched out to include ivory, red, blue, purple and also gold and silver. Black continues to hold forth but is competing with vibrant shades. Dresses with sequins and beads are also popular together with lace frills, embroidered motifs and printed designs. One thing that needs attention is that the dresses can be fitting but it should not be extra tight so as to cause circulation to be hampered.

Pregnancy does not mean that one should look and feel down and under – whether for the individual or for a friend. Formal maternity wear has transformed itself into a galaxy of styles, colours and lengths – all meant to honour the new figure and not to hide it behind a sack of shame.


5 Responses to “Formal Maternity Wear for the Expectant Mother”
  1. cotton maternity dresses are way more comfortable compared to synthetic fabrics.”`

  2. Maya Bailey says:

    cotton and natural fiber maternity dresses are still the best so get them and stay away from synthetic fibers.~`-

  3. sometimes it is hard to choose different styles of maternity dresses’*”

  4. maternity clothes should be loose and comfortable to the wearer, i alway advise my wife to get those cotton based maternity clo ,

  5. Alarm System says:

    the maternitiy dress of my sister sure do looks very cute and lovely, they are of floral design *;~

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