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Your Baby’s First Birthday Party Ideas – Make the Memories Last

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Baby First Birthday Cake - photo by Chris HarrisonIt is important that parents brainstorm extensively for their baby’s first birthday party ideas because unlike other birthdays, your child’s first birthday party means more for you and your family including relatives and friends.

Although your child may be too young to understand what the fuss and excitement is all about amidst the unusual number of people in the house, make sure you make the memories of this very important day in your baby’s life is remembered for years to come.

Be sure to take pictures and video footages of your baby’s first birthday celebration. Don’t worry, you can never take enough of them; later on you can choose the best pictures and video footages and consolidate them in a scrapbook and burn them to a CD or DVD, which you can share with relatives and friends and your child when he is already grown. Keep copies of the invitation, a party napkin and anything else related to the special occasion.

Do not forget to include a collection of pictures from the birth of your child, baby’s first trip home, baby’s first bath, baby’s first tooth and all the special moments of your baby’s first year of life. Doing so gives everyone the opportunity to see the progress your child from birth up to the first birthday celebration.

Organizing your baby’s first birthday party

Makes sure you schedule your party according to your baby’s schedule, preferably after his baby naptime.

Do not make let the party last for more than a couple of hours; it’s a party for 1-year-olds or at the most 2-year-olds, not for adults! This avoids the babies from being cranky and fussy.

Keep games and activities simple and short. For added fun, have the parents assist their children in playing the games for more merriment.

  • stack plastic blocks as high as the babies can
  • roll a ball from one point to another
  • sing nursery songs
  • do baby art work using crayons and paper and
  • finger painting

Make your invitation innovative, creative, fun and interesting. If you have the time, do it yourself for that added touch of love and individuality.

Decorate your home with a theme; popular themes are animals, cartoon characters, toys, etcetera. Check your local party favors store or browse online to get some ideas.

Online party stores carry lots of wonderful first birthday party supplies for just about any theme you can imagine. To learn more just click on the link below this article.

For the birthday cake, you can go all-out in making it the piece de resistance of your baby’s first birthday party. For decorating ideas, search the Internet to come up with first birthday party ideas on cake styles and decorating option. There are plenty of theme candles and cute cake decorations you can choose from that will surely turn your baby’s cake into a special center piece.

Also, make sure that your have enough snacks for the grown-ups aside from the usual children’s fare that you will be putting on the table.

Since your child’s party is a very special event, do not forget to have your husband take the pictures and video footage from beginning to end for inclusion in the scrapbook and DVD that you will put together later on.


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  1. I’v seen alot of pretty cakes before but I must say that your cake is one of the most beautiful cakes I’v seen in a long time. Great Cake.

  2. Vincent Yim says:

    Thanks for your compliment.

    This compliment should be credited to Chris Harrison

  3. Jennifer says:

    I am looking for someone who can make these types of cakes in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I want to find something that looks as beautiful as this one. If anyone knows of someone, please feel free to drop me a line. Any help is appreciated.

  4. Thanks for including that picture of my son’s first birthday cake on here! More info on the cake, including a link to the person who made it, can be found here:

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