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Traditional Family Games Help Bring Families Closer Together

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Family Board Games
photo by Guido Strotheide

Family games are a familiar sight when we were growing up. Every Christmas, we children look forward to the different types of family games our parents give as presents. We never tired of these various family games, even if they are the same as what we received the year before and the year before that with the addition of new games.

Traditional family games include playing cards, board games, outdoor and indoor ball games. Playing these games is always a big event, especially on weekends and holidays when everybody will be free the following day and does not mind getting up a little later after playing a few rounds family games on a Friday night.

Multi player family games that are fun to play and wherein participants are eliminated one by one until only one is left and use a board are Anti-Monopoly, Attack, Axis & Allies, Diplomacy, Family Business, Monopoly and several others.

Modern and new multiplayer games without elimination that every member of the family can play to the end and are appropriate for adults and children alike are Acquire, Acronymble, Aladdin’s Dragons, Atlantis, Barbarossa, Civilization, Cluedo (also known as Clue), Debate This, Figure It Out, The Game of Life, Journey through Europe, Mine a Million, Parcheesi, Pictionary, The Secret Door and a lot of other equally engrossing and interesting games.

Card games for the whole family that are also enjoyable are Cribbage, Go Fish, Rummy, Spades, Hearts, Pinochle, Wizard etcetera.

Family games enhance and strengthen a family’s closeness, develop communication and interaction skills of children since they relate with adults on a fun and wholesome level.

Outdoor family games like touch football, street ball and catch including mentally challenging board games like chess, checkers and go are also fun to play among parents and children.

Although there may be times when some children end up as sore losers, over time, they realize that it is more fun to be able to play family games without the feeling bitter with defeat or a loss. After all, it is only a game and that is what family games are for! To learn how to play, enjoy one’s self and savor the victory over another family member without ill will.

Today’s young generation, do not have the same indulgence when it comes to playing family games since most games are now electronic and played wit the use of a personal computer. Although computer games are graphically attractive and are almost realistic, children lose out on the fact that there is no eye-to-eye and personal interaction between players. In the process, a child’s development is often times lacking in the interpersonal dimension.

This is the lookout of today’s parents, they have to ensure that their children develop completely and wholly as a person not only by sending them to school to get an education but also by strengthening their personality development simply by playing and engaging in family games.

Families should spend as much time together as possible because, like it or not, children will only be children until they are 18 years of age and by that time, it will be too late because time lost is gone forever!


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