Friday, December 15, 2017

Exercise for Children is also a Necessity

Children Exercise in a Big Group
photo by Thomas

Necessity of Exercise for Children
With more and more children getting obese due to malnutrition (undernourishment due to eating the wrong types of food), proper child nutrition and diet needs to be complemented by exercise. Especially with the dominating prevalence of computer and video games that almost all children have fallen in love with to while their time away. Most of today’s kids have adopted a sedentary lifestyle brought on by the development of high tech computer games and eating on the go!

Today’s parents have the added responsibility of ensuring that their children do not turn into couch potatoes at a very early age and this is the main reason they have to ensure that they get as much exercise as may be necessary for their health and well being. Otherwise, there is the potential danger that today’s children may have a shorter life expectancy rate that their ancestors despite the advancement in medicine and health care.

Playtime is Kids’ Exercise Time!
Do not commit the mistake of telling your children to exercise. They’ll think what you want them to do is a series of push-ups, jogging, weight lifting and the like; for them these activities would be an unpleasant task and extremely boring! Instead, engage them in games that children love to play like touch football, baseball, one-on-one basketball, swimming.

On their own and with their peer group, they can also play these games including hide and seek, obstacle course, cycling, etcetera. Make them enjoy group games to get that necessary muscle workout they need while enjoying themselves at the same time. Capitalize on their love to play and design their physical activities around this and you will be able to motivate them successfully to get the exercise they need for their health.

Other Exercise Ideas
Instead of driving them to the neighborhood grocer, the playground, the clubhouse or to school, let them ride a bike. Riding a bike is one of the best forms of exercise any individual can get without the feeling of performing a chore. Riding a bike not only contributes to environmental care but also provides your children the opportunity to become self-reliant and confident about his abilities.

Join your Kids Regularly
Make exercising a family affair! Since it is not only children to need a good workout, it is recommended that exercising be a family affair. In this manner, a closer bonding between parents and children can be established while achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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