Monday, February 19, 2018

Today’s Encyclopedia for Kids – a Multimedia Fare

Remember the encyclopedia our parents bought when we were young? Those multi-volume sets of books (some of which are too heavy to carry) are yesteryear’s version of encyclopedia for kids.

Today, kids do not have to put up with using these type of encyclopedias since most of the world’s encyclopedias like Britannica, Americana, Grolier’s, Compton’s and the like now all have their electronic counterpart and are available in CD/DVD format, online and best of all are multimedia.

Today’s encyclopedias for kids are no longer the staid version in black and white type, and printed in less than 10-points. They are now interactive and contain full-color video and animated pictures that more clearly explain to children the hows and why’s etcetera of the topic they are looking up.

Another advantage provided by the computer age is that any encyclopedia, regardless of the number of volumes can fit in easy to carry CD/DVD electronic format. Better yet, you can even go online to the different publisher’s websites and download only the necessary topics that you want.

The best deal is that today’s version of encyclopedia for kids do not have to cost and arm and a leg! They are relatively cheap, updates and new information are available online or mailed to you in electronic format keeping your research and information source relatively up to date. This is one of the most compelling reasons why today’s electronic encyclopedia for kids are so much better than the book version of yesteryears – once printed there is no way the information can be updated by topic, you have to buy a completely new set of books!

With the integration of video, graphics, sounds and animation, today’s electronic encyclopedia (regardless if kids or adults use them) provide better information since it is in audio-visual format making it a lot easier to comprehend. This merger of communication methods makes learning easier and fun for children as they can watch exactly what it is they are researching even if the event happened several hundred years back.

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