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Is Early Childhood Education Good or Bad?

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Childhood Preschool Learning - photo by Jill Huang

Early childhood education is a controversial subject even between teachers and parents. Some teachers feel that a number of young students have not been adequately prepared by their parents for school while others contend that some parents teach their children too much! The conflicting viewpoints leave many parents in wonder as to what they should really teach their children at home in order to be adequately prepared with the right skills educators expect their child to have on entering school.

As parents, you have to realize that teaching your child too much before entering school can be disadvantageous because there is the possibility that your child may become bored if the subject matter is familiar and your child may not benefit from the learning process he is introduced to it too early and too strictly. For parents, it is best to teach your children through games; you should make your children learn through play as you make plans for an early childhood education program at home. Never be a disciplinarian when it comes to role playing and learning at home.

There is a world of difference between classroom-readiness and being over-taught. Early childhood education at home should be geared towards the acquisition of listening skills and interpersonal activity rather than the mastery of basic school subjects.

Parents should not get the wrong idea that school readiness is the same as academic skills and knowledge. Even in schools, early childhood education that is introduced are always centered on academic skills but on teaching students how to participate, ask questions and listen; these are the skills that parents need to concentrate on when they embark on an early childhood education program with their children at home.

Most teachers are not interested in what a child already knows when he enters school because the child is in school to learn and be educated! They are more interested in what skills the child has acquired at home that will make the child confident to learn, explore and cooperate with his peers. Early childhood education should equip students with the ability to sit and listen attentively in order to learn in class. It is up to the parents to teach their children how to develop self-control to prepare them for the rigors of school life.

Considering that young kids are avid listeners, parents should take advantage of this natural ability to cultivate their child’s pre-school skills and talents through games and role playing at home as a form of early child education.

Games are wonderful activities that encourage young children to get involved, explore and learn self-discipline while at the same time enjoy as they play around with their parents and/or friends.

In teaching your pre-school children, do not preempt the teacher by teaching them subjects like mathematics or science in the delusion that you can give them a headstart over the other school children. Rather, teach them the necessary skills they need in order to learn fast and interact with other children.

Do not be in a hurry for them to get ahead unless they are super geniuses!

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