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A Proven Pastime Favorite – Connect the Dots Games

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Connect the dots games is not only a fun process but it acts as a learning and skill development activity for children. It is being used by parents and teachers since so many years for encouraging counting and small motor skills amongst their kids. Various dot to dot games and puzzles are in circulation from years and they are loved by both kids and adults.

For kids, connect the dots games give them a chance to understand the working of numbers in sequence and it also gives them a chance to learn about gripping a pencil correctly and using it. Once the dots are connected, the completed picture or image can be used by the kids for coloring which again helps in improving their concentration and coloring skills. While connecting the dots, kids can also improve their counting skills by practicing dot to dot count.

Not only does it help in improving counting techniques, but dot games for under 6 comes in many variations. Some of the games use alphabets using letter sequences in place of numbers and this alphabet connect the dots games helps in making the children recognize and learn the alphabets in sequence. Children draw straight line from one alphabet to another in sequence and as a result learn the alphabets sequentially.

Dot to dot games can be practiced with pencil, pen or crayons but it is advisable to use pencils in order to avoid frustration if there is any mistake in connecting the dots. Kids can make mistakes while connecting the dots and if a pencil is used they can easily erase and correct it.

For small kids who are just learning to hold the pencil, a little supervision from the parents is required. Parents can encourage them or guide them to draw straight lines from one dot to another and ask them to guess the final image as the dots are connected. You should remember to connect the final dot so that the image is completed.

These games are highly useful in traveling as they can engage the kids for hours in connecting the dots and coloring the picture. You can even take instant printouts of dot to dot games from the internet and download them for free. The popularity of dot to dot games amongst kids and adults has encouraged many sites to offer these games.

If you are looking for ways to build fine motor skills or a fun activity in which your child can concentrate, connect the dots games is an obvious and great activity which can be undertaken easily without any hassles.

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