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Colic Baby Pains and Trauma – Newborn Colic Cure

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Baby colic is often known as infant colic because it normally appears at the age of three months. Sometimes it may appear even in the first month and can last for twelve months or more if not treated properly. Generally most of the babies suffering from it cry for long hours. Generally the cry increases after feeding, either in late evening or in the night. Colicky pain is a stressful problem for the parents and for other family members.

To understand the colicky pain you must learn the colic symptoms in babies. Normally the cries or the screams occur almost at the same time of the day, usually after meals. Babies don’t burp so they have a bloated abdomen which means they have gas discomfort and always clench their fists, legs folded up to the chest, irritating mood. Gradually they become fussy and sleepless. They do feel pain while making bowel movement.

Once you know the colic symptoms in babies it becomes easy to diagnose the problem. There are a couple of causes which are responsible for the colicky pain. Some newborn babies have intolerance of milk. Gripe water for newborns is the best medicine according to the doctors. Causes do vary from baby to baby. Breastfed babies can also get colicky pain and hence mothers should be very careful about their diet. They should cut down their caffeine intake. Some babies have acid reflux which might cause this pain.

There is no single remedy which can remove colic pain. There are no sure shot colic baby remedies. However few precautions should be taken. The breastfeeding mothers should watch their diet strictly to avoid the colic symptoms in babies. For the lactose intolerance we have come a long way, now substitute for lactated milk is available in the market which is specifically treated with lactase for these babies.

  • You should not overfeed your baby and make sure the baby burps.
  • It the baby doesn’t burp slowly pat down to release the gas.
  • Always carry the baby in the front pouch with the legs hanging from the sides.
  • Colic babies should not be given fruit juices.
  • Try to wrap your baby in warm comfortable blanket.
  • Make him sleep in a dark room with some soft music on.
  • Since taking care of colic baby is extremely strenuous do not forget to take care of yourself first.
  • Keep an eye so that the baby does not suck his fingers.
  • Keep the surroundings clean.

With these few home remedies, proper medicine and of course a little alertness you can always prevent colic pain. A baby colic is extremely painful for the small baby and it tears your heart apart to see the little infant crying incessantly in pain. Precaution is the best option and proper diet of the mother is equally important!


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