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Monitoring Children’s Diet is a Must!

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Obesity is one of the health problems that beset children in developing countries all over the world. This severe condition may sometime lead to early health complications and even death, which makes it very important for proper monitoring of what our children eat on a daily basis. One of the major stumbling blocks of parents is how to make their children eat healthy food because of the misconception that healthy foods are yucky instead of yummy.

If you are really concerned about your children’s health and well being, the bulk of the responsibility is on the parents to make sure that they are started on healthy eating habits at a young age – even while in infancy.

Make sure they eat breakfast daily. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it is the first time real, solid food is again introduced into the body after a night’s rest and sleep. The body needs as much nutrients and vitamins as it can during the first meal of the day and this is very important. Serve your children whole wheat bread, sugar-free cereals with natural sweeteners like honey or applesauce, yogurt or cottage cheese.

Train your child to eat regularly on schedule and to avoid eating in between meals. However, if they do have to eat between meals, explain to them that the proper time is between 2 to 3 hours after each meal so that meals are already completely digested. If not, this will increase the surplus nutrients in the stomach and contribute to fat storage.

Refrain from using food as a reward, this is totally wrong. It will give them the wrong notion about what food is for and they may decide not to eat instead. Never give your children food to ease boredom. This is counter productive and an unhealthy practice.

Make sure they enjoy healthy meals by refraining from giving them fried foods, processed foods like hotdogs, bacon and burgers and even regular ice cream. There are equally healthy and yummy healthy foods that can take the place of regular foods to ensure that your children eat as healthily as possible all the time. If in doubt, go natural. Natural food is best anytime!

Avoid foods with high sugar content and those that are refined like white flour, white rice etcetera. Give these types of food in moderation.

In making packed lunches for your children, give them natural peanut butter, frozen yogurt, apples, oranges, chicken or turkey breast or tuna sandwich with natural mayonnaise dressing. You can be sure they will love these foods!

The misconception that healthy foods are not yummy is true maybe a decade or two ago but not anymore. Today’s healthy foods come in all flavors and varieties by simply looking at them you would think they are the junk food we should all stay away from.

Do not let your children dictate to you what they should eat. You, as the parent, know better than them and it is best for all concerned that they eat a healthy and balanced diet regularly; although you can treat them to one cheat meal every week for variety!


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