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Liven Up Life with Children Songs

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Children songs play a very important role in child development because music has a positive effect on children regardless of their age.

Whenever young children hear music, even infants for that matter, they undergo a profound magical experience that highlights the truth that music is a universal language that transcends age, sex, geography and race! Children’s reaction to music and songs are the same all over the world, they dance, sing (in their own inimitable way) and exhibit signs of contentment and happiness. For them, hearing their favorite children songs or any type of music they happen to like is very similar to being in a world all of their own; totally wrapped up in what they hear.

Introducing your children to music and children songs at a very early stage gives them the ability to appreciate the good things and to seek comfort from a chaotic environment in a positive manner by listening to music. For young ones, music and children songs give them a world all their own, removed from the worries of the adult version around them.

Providing entertaining children songs and music to your kids need not be expensive. There are several choices available on CD or DVD from which you can choose from. My own children do not tire to watch both versions of Shrek, Lion King, Swan Lake, Princess and Pauper every time, they get even if they have seen them for the umpteenth time!

Watching them enjoy the experience of seeing the stories and the songs replayed before their eyes over and over again never fail to amaze me. The fascination, thrill and happiness are always there as if they are reliving the experience that they are watching on the screen.

Make sure that the choices of music and songs you choose for your kids are lively and not simply something they would watch. If they choose to role play, by all means allow them to and do not chastise them! They are having the best time of their life!

There are also karaoke CDs and DVDs that you can buy for your children so that they can sing to the tune of their favorite music or song to their heart’s content a la American Idol! You can even personalize these CDs by having custom labels made with their name or pictures for a truly wonderful gift – be it on their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion.

Children songs bring out the best in children, so make sure that you provide your own kids with a wide variety and ask them what their favorites are for an endless time of enjoyment.

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