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Children’s Christmas Cards and Christmas Crafts can be Combined Together

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Children's Christmas CardChildren’s Christmas cards can be fun to make and it’s also a good idea to involve the children themselves in making Christmas cards to send out to family and friends. Christmas is a time for spreading joy and cheer and Christmas cards undoubtedly bring home that ‘good-feeling’.

You need not make your children’s Christmas cards very profound as kids understand messages better if put across in a fun way rather than in a serious tone. Disney Christmas cards are apt for children especially small kids as whatever Mickey or Goofy are saying will sink in better in their heads than a plainly written message. Also, these colorful cartoon cards attract the attention of the kids more than ones depicting wreaths or trees.

Another innovative way to make your child happy with his/her Christmas card is to superimpose your child’s photo onto Mickey’s body and make it stand alongside any other Disney character. Kids can also send these cards to their own friends.

Pictures Christmas cards are a wonderful way to keep friends and family who live far away abreast with what’s happening in your life. Grandparents unable to join the festivities will appreciate receiving picture photo cards of grandchildren. In any case, it is the tradition in many families to get together for a seasonal family portrait. This can be converted into beautiful picture Christmas cards to be sent to family and friends around the country and the world.

Old Christmas cards can be used imaginatively to make Christmas decorations. Children will enjoy getting involved in making Christmas card crafts and it is also a nice way for families to bond during the season of love and cheer. Cutting shapes from old Christmas cards is the easiest way to begin and something which even small kids can do with ease. Cut out snowmen from cards and let children apply glitter on them. These can then be punched and a thread looped inside it and can be hung from Christmas trees.

Colorful paper pompoms can be made using Christmas coloring pages cards by cutting discs from cards, folding them in half and stapling it and again folding them vertically and stapling a layer from each side. Once the pompom is complete, string it with thread and hang it from the Christmas tree.

Gift tags are the simplest to make using old Christmas cards. Just cut out the desired shapes and either loop a satin ribbon through them to tie to the gift bag or stick the tags on the gifts. Colorful children’s Christmas cards can be used to make Christmas confetti for the next year by simply cutting them into tiny pieces or punching out special Christmas shapes from them.


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