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Child Psychology Brings Up Different Point of View of Psychologists on Child Behavior

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Child Psychology is an integral part of human mind. For instance has it ever occurred to you whether children think reason and remember the same way adults do? Until late twentieth century it was assumed that they do. In many societies it was assumed that while adults are superior mentally, just as they are physically, the cognitive processes of children and adult are basically the same.

The Swiss psychologist Piaget challenged these assumptions and concluded that in several respects children do not think or reason like adults. Their thought processes are different not only in degree but in kind as well. According to him children construct their knowledge of the world by interacting with it.

During infancy they learn that there is a relationship between their actions and the outside world. Like Piaget many psychologists suggested several other theories. There are different viewpoints of psychologists on child psychology.

Child psychology shows us that children have a general mindset. It is generally seen children who grow up with a lot of people around them they feel very secure and a lot more loved. Another thing that helps a child grow is when the child has companions of their own age group.

A child who has a sibling is better adjusted than a child who is single. Though sometimes siblings may lead to jealousy. Children generally love getting a lot attention. As the child grows old, friends become very important. They feel inferior if they don’t have a proper group of friends.

It is often seen that children may do things that they wouldn’t generally do so that the group of friends accept him. As he grows up there is a lot of peer pressure. During teenage years children tend to get into bad habits or lie to their parents just to live up to their peers. This is commonly known as peer pressure.

During adolescence children go through a period of mental stress and mental conflicts. Society plays a very important role in the growth of a child. There are two things, which contribute to the mental growth as well as physical growth- heredity and environment.

For example there was a pair of twins. Their parents were murderers. These two twins have been separated at birth. One is raised with the parents and the other is raised far away in another country and knows nothing about his parents. The child who was sent away was brought up in a totally different environment and was given proper education.

Years later it was seen that both the children turned out to be murderers. The child who didn’t know his parents wasn’t a murderer as such but at one point of time he committed this crime. Heredity plays a very important role in Child Psychology and society is also very important.


9 Responses to “Child Psychology Brings Up Different Point of View of Psychologists on Child Behavior”
  1. Samantha says:

    I need help badly, I have a child 4 yrs old and she is very reluctant to go to school. Everyday she will find excusses of not going to school. until the matter become so serious that she will tell us before hand that “tomorrow I am not going to school”.

    Anybody have any solution? Teach me…..

  2. Linny says:

    You should try talking to your child on why she doesnt want to go to school. Maybe she might be afraid or maybe she might be bullied. we cant take chances and just think she is not intrested to go to school.. you could also go and see the teacher and ask her for opinions.

  3. COACKROACH says:

    may be the child is being bullied in school or may be the teacher is too strict so tats y the child is scared to go to school…….the best thing is i think that u should follow your child to the school n see what’s going on …..because sometimes things that happens around a child might effect the child’s psychology….

  4. christopher kalu okwun says:

    I am interested in the affairs of children and to know more about reaching them.

  5. i am a b.s. pyschology student myself and i love pyschology because we are studying the behavior of humans..~~

  6. Brady Bryant says:

    pyschology is a very interesting branch of science, it deals with the inner workings of the mind`,-

  7. pyschology is a very interesting branch of science indeed, i like to know more about how the brain works*`.

  8. well, my girlfriend chose a Psychology major course and it seems to be a very interesting field indeed;`~

  9. when i was still in high school, i always planned to take pyschology because it gives me great interest .~’

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