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Prevent Child Obesity Which Can Have Grave Consequences and Well Being Of the Child

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We need to understand child obesity to find its remedy. The indications are of the weight being more than what it should be in relation to the height and age of junior. Today it has reached alarming proportions and some considers that a regular epidemic has broken out in the developed world – especially in USA, Australia and UK. In America more than 15% of the children are obese and the number is growing.

There is no one cause of child obesity – many factors combine to bring it on. The first thing to be reviewed is the child diet program. Also there are genetic and hormonal factors as well as lifestyle or environmental causes. Children are too much exposed to junk or fast food. Home cooked meals are nearly forgotten. When eating out becomes the norm rather than the exception child obesity is the result.

Apart for looking at diet for kids as a major cause, another factor is reduced physical activity. This is the result of fantastic technological advancements that is making man more sedentary. Children suffering from boredom, aggressiveness, anxieties as well as depression tend to become obese. A state of the mind and not only kid’s diet are responsible for this ungainly weight gain.

Obesity and children are often linked to hereditary factors. Sometimes fatness runs in the family. However eating junk food is also a habit within all the family members and as such passed on from parent to child. Scientists are pointing to the body growth pattern while analyzing child obesity statistics.

The most important are the toddler years to put a check to this overweight. Afterwards it will become more difficult even with a child weight loss diet programme. Recent researches have shown that parents are 72% responsible for obesity in the child.

Certain conditions like Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism and depression leads to overweight. When steroids and anti-depressants are administered the situation worsens and kicks off a chain reaction. Unless the diet or lifestyle is changed obesity in children can lead to diabetes, heart disorders, high blood pressure, insomnia and even cancer. Overweight children invariably grow into bulky adults. Fat children become the target for jokes that in turn leads to depression and self-denigration.

Researches are working hard and show that less of carbonated drinks, sweets and increase in exercise have improved conditions. Obesity is common in girls but it is in boys that they are most noticeable.

Fat shows up in the stomach, the bottom and the chest of boys who soon develop a belly roll. Some boys appear to have breasts. Less of sleep is also another cause of child obesity.


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  1. obesity is a grownig problem these days coz of a bad lifestyle and diet”`*

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