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Various Child Development Stages-Know Them

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A child goes through various child development stages not just physically but mentally also. Therefore being a parent you must know everything about your child. Your child is the most precious to you, especially if you are the mother. There are many books and magazines on child development which might help you to be a better parent.

The toddler child development is the most important phase. During this stage, the child learns how to walk and talk. Everything the child does is his or her first experience. Therefore parents must take good care of their children. When kids are teething, they tend to chew every possible thing, starting from toys, clothes and many other things. If the toys and other things kept in the contact of the child are not clean and germ free, the child is likely to fall sick. Parents must always ensure that they do not swallow things which may harm them, either by causing stomach problems or by getting stuck in the food pipe.

A 1 month baby development needs more attention and care as this is the time when the child slowly starts growing up. It must be properly fed and taken care of. For kids of such age, only mother’s milk is recommended as the child cannot have any solid food but only liquid. The other baby food products that you get in the market might not be a very good option for your child at the first stage.

After this stage, in a few months the child develops facial expression and starts moving. His eyes are wide open and he does not sleep as he used to in the previous few moths. 12 months old baby development is faster and more responsive in nature. The child is able to feed itself in small amounts even if he does it in a very messy way.

A child development milestone chart is quite a necessity. In this chart, all necessary information is given. Making your child practice things like how to respond to teachers and others, how to pronounce his own name, how to jump, smile or laugh and other social manners is also very important with his growing age. As he grows up, he becomes a part of the society in which you live. So it is obvious to teach him the social manners.

There are many child development theories which tell you how to guide your children and take care of them. Taking care of them means to look after all the changes they go through, be it physical, mental or emotional.

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