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Tips To Detecting Child Depression Symptoms For Fast And Complete Cure

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The common Child depression symptoms of feeling insecure and worried about certain issues are common to all children once in a while. Being anxious or worrying is a routine emotion that comes into being at particular developmental stages for children.

Depression is a sort of negative feeling, an infirmity which is experienced by all human being at one point of his or her life and where a sense of despair continues it is a kind of situation when people go through bad moods and occasional melancholy, for a longer period of time, limiting their ability to function in general.

The most common question asked regarding child depression is “what does he or she is depressed about?” Answer to this question is not specific but varied.

Considering from an imaginary monster to the fuss about the opinion of other broods in school (among older children), to age-related emotional disturbances, any thing can contribute to depression in child. However it is said that depression in general case arises from a permutation of genetic susceptibility and sub-optimal early developmental experiences.

Following are some of the common symptoms of depression in children:

  • Enduring sadness or short-tempered mood
  • Loss of Energy
  • Noteworthy change in appetite
  • Momentous change in body weight
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Sleeping disorder
  • Recurrent unclear non-specific physical ailment like stomach aches, head aches, muscle aches
  • Repeated absence from schools
  • Poor or bad performance in school activities
  • Social segregation
  • Poor communication
  • Out of control behavior
  • Anger
  • Hostility
  • Suicidal tendencies
The child depression risk factors or causes are:
  1. It is considered that children who have faced major depression are likely to have a family history of disorder.
  2. Stress is another risk factor behind depression in children
  3. Loss of a parent or any loved member of the family may also act as a cause for depression in a child.
  4. Any chronic illness like diabetes can also lead to child depression
  5. Lastly, any abuse or neglect from the part of the parents ca also cause depression in child.

Following are two common types of depression found in children: Bipolar Disorder and Dysthymic or dysthymia disorder

There are many ways to fight or prevent child depression. Psychotherapy and medication, or the combination of both, and even talking with the parents are considered to be some of the most effective remedies of child depression.

Psychotherapy: This includes short term psychotherapy mainly cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), based on the assumption that those with the depression possess cognitive distortions in their views about themselves and aims at changing these distortions. Then there is inter -personal therapy (IPT), which concentrates on disturbed personal relationships, which may lead to depression.

Medication: utilization of different anti depressants such as clomipramine notriptyline etc also helps in fighting depression in children.

It is also important to involve parents in the treatment by talking with parents regarding the therapy as it has been seen through several studies that family instill positive control over children. This system of therapy is often termed as Family therapy.

Information and consciousness about child depression symptoms have increased considerably in the past few years. Doctors and clinicians are now aware of how to move in cases of depression problems in children and their treatment. Even parents have become more responsible and conscious about child depression.

It is hoped that early detection of child depression symptoms could reduce the severity of the problem if not eliminate it altogether!

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