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Most Popular Children’s Pictures Books For Early Age Learning

Every child should get a chance to experience most popular children’s pictures books while they first learn about their surroundings and start their education at a most basic level. Children at heart love to listen to stories before going to sleep because it excites them and fill their mind with a new world full of […]

Good Books For Very Young Children- How To Select Them And Let Your Kids Read All Times

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Books for very young children should be selected very carefully. This is because this is the time when a child gets his/her first reading experience, and it determines his attitude towards books. If the books he is introduced to are well picked and interesting, it is obvious that he would look forward to reading again […]

The Growth and Development of Children’s Literature Over the Ages

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Children’s Literature is often defined as writings meant to be read by children. This includes literary genres like poetry, science, biography and historical fiction children’s literature. A majority of the children’s literature is based on the genres like fables, folktales, myths and legends. Elements taken from ancient literature have often been adapted to children’s classics. […]

The Best Selling Children’s Books Kids Should Read For a Healthy Mind

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The best selling children’s books are those pieces of literature that have survived the test of time and retained their popularity among young readers. It was in the nineteenth century when a number of European writers created some legendary classic compositions for children. The tradition has been carried forward by the 20th century children’s writers […]