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Buying Books Online from your Home or Office

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The Internet has made buying books a lot easier by bringing the market online. Almost everyone I know has bought a book online and all of them have the same reaction – it’s a lot more convenient, sometimes it’s even cheaper considering the savings in gas and travel time.

Online book purchases are becoming more of a norm than an exception more so with same day or overnight shipping to most places in the continental United States. Buying books online even becomes more of a convenience if there is a particular book that you want and which is available through online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble everyday., the Internet’s virtual bookstore, is the acknowledged pioneer in selling almost all types books online. Browsing their website will give you almost every title of book imaginable which is available for purchase with same day, overnight or next day shipping, depending on your location. Not only can you buy books but you can also send virtual gift certificates to family and friends which they can use for buying their favorite title from the list of Amazon books available. What more, Amazon offers one of the most secure online purchasing facility.

Aside from their brick and mortar stores all over the country, Barnes and Noble is also making its presence felt in the online book selling business. With their huge stock of books, there is very great probability that you will surely find what you are looking for. B&N offers several online payment systems including the highly accepted PayPal. They also make buying books online a rewarding experience by offering a customer rewards program.

In spite of the presence of Amazon and B&N, sites like eBay and are also selling books online by way of auction. They have their own followers since not everyone is interested in buying technical books, textbooks or bestsellers – there are people who are interested in acquiring old and rare books which can be considered as collector’s items. These two sites are popular among people who are looking for books that could be considered collector’s items.

Because of this, online auction sites devote a full section of their website to people who are in search of old or rare books and magazines. One caveat however is that buyers are not sure as to the actual condition and state of the book they are buying. However, there are auction sites that have buyer protection policies to address this kind of situation.

With reputable sites such as eBay and, not only do you get buyer protection but you can also determine the seller’s performance standing by checking out the feedback section of the auction site. Feedbacks or comments from past buyers clearly indicates whether a seller is trustworthy or not.

Buying books online has never been a more rewarding experience. Not only do you save time and money, you get to choose from a wide variety of books from children’s books to classics, art and crafts, fiction and non-fiction; in fact, almost any topic or subject you can think of is available from various online resources at prices that are very easy on the pocket.

Just remember though that not all online bookstore or auction site offer a merchandise return or if they do, return shipment may be at the buyer’s expense.

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