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Buy Picture Frame for Baby First Birthday Gift

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Buy picture frame and make your baby first birthday gift special for him. Simply because you love your baby it becomes pretty perplexing to decide what to buy him for his first birthday. Of the wide range of goods that can be given to a baby just one year old, the baby picture frame is the best gift that could preserve memories for years.

There are various types of picture frames available in the market today. Different sizes, shapes sand material are offered by the manufacturers. Of course nothing could be better than a picture with a personal touch. You can make your own picture frame.

Simple design on wood could be the easiest and the cheapest frame of your own making. The value of a hand made picture frame is definitely much more than a bought one.

Picture frames come in different hues in order to match the color of the décor in the room. Interesting frames like footprints or hand prints are also on sale these days. There are frames with poems written on them. Of course it is also possible you to get your poems printed on the frame that you wish to gift your child on his first birthday.

There are many stores where you can personalize your frames just the way you wish. This is one way you can make your gift exclusive. There are ultra sound frames that help preserve photos of your child for long too. There are frames which have many frames fixed on one large frame. In these you can keep your cherished memories and the moods you have captured of your little one.

Metallic frames are also good and are more durable. Frames made of paper Mache and wood are quite common. The more expensive ones are made of silver and brass.

The latest trend is to buy 8×10 picture frames. These are at times engraved while the others have a drop leg so that they can be placed on the table. Mostly these types of picture frames can be personalized. You can have your favorite lines written on them. The centre is used for the photograph while the sides are reserved for clip art.

What you wish to be written can be ordered online. You are also given the privilege to make your own layout. With various pictures of the family and the baby since birth can be preserved in the frame.

The other type commonly opted by people as the first birthday for their child is the larger picture frames.16×20 picture frames are available is almost all the stores. You can get them online too. The materials vary from bamboo to metal. Even crystal frames look extraordinary.

Ranging from the antique types to the latest design is available in these large frames. Therefore to make your child’s first birthday special buy picture frame.


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  1. we both have those traditional picture frames and digital picture frames at home. both are great for displaying family pictures ~:~


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