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Boys Bedroom Decoration Made Easy!

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Boy Bedroom Decorating Ideas
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Boy’s bedrooms are their sanctuary, a place where they dream up fantasies or where they play with other boys of their own age when they don’t want to be bothered by the most horrible creatures on earth – girls!

Remember, it does not need to be expensive to decorate boy’s rooms; all that is necessary is creativity and flair.

When your baby boy is at the age that he can safely sleep on his own bed and in his own room visit, you can start visiting the boy’s bedroom sections of big department stores and browse around for some ideas on color combinations, themes, designs, and etcetera.

One major step is to paint the room walls one main light color for the background. Suggested colors are pale yellow, off white, light shades of blue, green, gray or beige. Do not worry if your boy’s bedroom is small, you can actually paint each wall section a different theme. Painting each wall a different theme gives your more exciting options and greater design flexibility. The difference of themes on each wall is unified by the room’s primary undercoat color which addresses the problem of combining diverse design elements.

Your baby boy’s bed is another element on which you can put to good use your design ideas and creativity. How? Instead of the regular and plain bed we are all familiar with, you can have a car bed complete with wheels and paint it like a race car, a space shuttle or anything that strikes your fancy and would appeal greatly to your son!

There are several resources from which you can get ideas for the type of bed you want your son to have. Your son will surely be overjoyed at having something original and special that’s goes his imagination.

For wall themes, always reserve the wall with the door to have a theme that utilizes the door as an integral element of the design like the exit to a forbidden area, or entrance to a vault, or something really out of this world. Young boys love this kind of design idea.

With 4 more areas (3 walls and the ceiling) to decorate, you can choose from several other options that your child will enjoy until his teen years. Some choices of wall design themes can be the universe, ocean, forests, cityscape, music, important cities of the world and a lot more.

Bedroom furniture are equally important items that you have to give careful consideration especially on safety, durability and customizability! Regardless if you buy regular furniture from the store, make sure that when the novelty wears off, you and your son can customize and give it a totally different look. Another boy’s bedroom decorative items are the light fixtures and switches. Aside from the light switch at the room entrance, you can utilize track lighting, pendant lamps, recessed lighting for a more inviting ambiance in your son’s bedroom.

By the way, while you’re at it, do not forget the music box!


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  2. we always use bedroom furnitures at home because furnitures adds that classy look in your bedroom-*:

  3. the contact points of light switches would easily collect dirt and become corroded with time ::

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