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Good Books For Very Young Children- How To Select Them And Let Your Kids Read All Times

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Books for very young children should be selected very carefully. This is because this is the time when a child gets his/her first reading experience, and it determines his attitude towards books. If the books he is introduced to are well picked and interesting, it is obvious that he would look forward to reading again in future. If you do not know where to begin your book hunt from, then here are a few ideas that you should consider.

Start with finding out about the activity books. These are favorite young children’s books that come with a variety of activities to keep your child busy and enhance the development of his intelligence. It may surprise you to know, but a child’s age till the age of 5 is the most important development phase for the brain.
The more they can develop their minds during this time, the sharper they are going to remain for the rest of their lives. So opt for activity books that have lots of puzzles, coloring pages, etc. You might also like to try one of the art and craft books where the child learns to cut papers and make paper designs like flowers, and fruits, etc.

For story books for very young children you cannot depend much on their word power. Hence, your focus maybe towards the power of their imagination, where they can ‘read’ picture stories to develop their imagination. Sit with the children as they read their story books, and make it interesting for them. Help them understand what the pictures mean and ask them to participate and give their own viewpoints on what they think the pictures mean to say.

You can also consider buying one of the popular children pictures books that have ‘moving’ paper figures, where the characters of the story can move their hands and legs and smile etc, by simple operation. Children find such books extremely fascinating, and serve as a very good introduction to them into the world of reading.

Though a lot of books for children are available these days, it is suggested you opt for only the most well known and reputed ones. Opting for top children’s book publishers help ensure that the books will keep them happy. For instance, almost all little golden books are known to be remarkably fascinating for children, and capable of developing reading habits among them.

Search for books that have good illustrations and are colorful enough. If your child seems to be getting drawn to books, make a small ‘library shelf’ in the corner of their room, where the books can be collected. Once they start getting excited about the concept of collecting books, they would soon start demanding more books, and hence would end up reading more! And what better thing to get your little one than some educative books for very young children?!

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