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Books for Children are Indispensable at any Age Level

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Choices of Preschool Children Books
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Most parents think that books for children are only for those who already know how to read. This is a misconception most new parents fall prey to, if you want to give your children the best you can provide, of love, care and education then the best way is to acquaint them with books for children at an early age.Books for children keep the child occupied, open up his mind to the wonders of the world around him and provide inspiration about the world in general at an age when little children are very inquisitive about the world in which they live in.

Child psychologists and child development professionals both agree that reading habits should be encouraged as early as possible. Children’s early familiarity with books would benefit them when they enter school and will not make them phobic in reading school textbooks.

In fact, books are the best gift you can give to your child. There are books for children of all ages: toddlers, preschoolers, pre-pubescent age and teenagers. As early as the age of 2, you can give your child picture books. Although your child may not understand yet what are on the pages, picture books keep your child occupied and provide a positive association with books in general. Books for children at this age level are very colorful and attractive, are made of non-toxic and soft material and are not harmful to your child’s health in any way.

As your child grows, you can buy books for children that have simple one, two or three syllable words that go with the pictures. Books for children of this type have a positive and long-term developmental effect on the child’s visual acuity which is greatly beneficial at latter stages of life.

From 3 years onwards, you can get books for children that have more stories than pictures to indirectly make your child ask questions about certain words and their meanings. You can also introduce rhyme books for children to further develop your child’s ability to memorize passages. Cultivating a child’s natural instinct of inquisitiveness and providing easy to memorize rhyme passages and words helps develop and strengthen mental ability – a significant advantage when the child enters school.

Take your time in choosing the right books for children, be they your own, a relative’s or a friend’s. You can browse through a bookstore’s books for children section and even bring your child along to give further motivation. Your child can listen to a storytelling session as you browse the wide collection of books for children and pick out the appropriate books for your child’s age level.

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