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Bedtime Routine: The Importance of Establishing With Your Baby

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The bedtime routine of a child should be consistent in the family as it is very important for his growth as well as the growth of the relationship of the parents and the time they spend together.

It has been seen that children who suffer from lack of concentration or certain behavioral problems is because they are not getting enough sleep. So in order to make sure that the child is getting enough sleep a routine needs to be followed as well as certain things need to be catered to.

The time of about half an hour after dinner and before sleeping can be utilized to play sober games or just talk about things that the child did that made you happy. This will help the child sleep peacefully with a calm note at the back of his mind.

The same routine should be followed each day as, if there is any sort of changes the children find it difficult to adjust and become upset. Soft music helps to relax the child and make him sleep but watching TV disturbs sleep so it should not be allowed.

Before leaving the room a hug or kiss and cuddling the child goodnight is a good habit after which a night-lamp can be switched on incase the child is scared of darkness .In order to form a regular habit of sleeping at the same time its not advisable to lie together with the child or rock the child to sleep .

Many times it is seen that children cry out for their parents as soon as they leave the room. In such a situation it’s advisable to be very calm and tell the child that you are nearby whenever he needs you so that the feeling of insecurity does not crop in.

When children are engrossed in playing they do not want to sleep, so in such situations if we impose a consequence which is reasonable enough it helps in putting them to bed. Like if he does not sleep at his usual time then his punishment might be he may not get the opportunity to watch his favorite cartoon show the next day.

Before winding up the baby should be given a bath as the warmth of the water helps to soothe the body and relax. While giving a bath talking to the child about the things that he will be doing next helps to prepare the child for the upcoming activity. Like telling the child that after the bath in two minutes, the child shall brush his teeth, after which he will change into his favorite night suit and then reading stories to the child from his favorite story book also helps to prepare the child a happy bedtime routine.

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