Monday, February 19, 2018

Bath Toys for Children are a Great Way to Keep Children Entertained While Bathing

bath toys help children learn, interact and make fun with parents.

Bath toys for children are specially designed toys for babies to play when they are having a bath. These help to keep them distracted from bath or entertain the kid as well as provide interaction with parents. Though children bath toys are by and large made of plastic but sometimes they can also be made of other materials like sponges. Sometimes even soaps in special forms like shaped in their favorite cartoon character can also be used.

Bath toys for toddlers come in a wide range and variety. You can go for bath mobiles which float over water or can be hanged over the bath and the baby can gaze at it while bathing or play with this dangling objects. For slightly older children you can also buy bath boats which are sturdy plastic model of real ships which float over water. They are perfect for bubble baths.

Another old favorite of kids of all age are the bath ducks, popularly known as “rubber duckies”. Most of them are made of bright yellow plastics having orange bills. These cute ducks float on water and some of them even make quack like sound when squeezed.

Other good children toys games are water squirters which come in all designs and in different shapes like toy guns or animals. They absorb water when submerged and shoot it out on squeezing. Parents and children can together have a lot of amusement with these toys by splashing water on each other, getting wet and playing.

Some toys help children learn like the plastic toys books. These story books can be read aloud by the parents to the child without the fear that they will accidentally fall in water and get wet.

The advantage of using sponge is that they not only serve the entertainment and distraction purpose but can also be used for cleaning the baby. They also come in a variety of special shapes like that of animal figures or flowers or geometrical shapes. If you don’t want to buy special toys then other plastic items like plastic dolls, plastic containers like bowl or plastic balls can be used.

While selecting baby bath toys you have to take care of certain things.

  • Firstly and most importantly, choose those toys that will be able to keep your baby amused but also ensure that they are also safe.
  • Check the safety standards and also see if it is age-appropriate for the child.
  • Buy a sturdy and safe toy and check that there is no chance of any piece breaking off and hurting your little one.
  • Buy toys with bright and attractive colors and design that will appeal to your little one.
  • Check out if the toy can be immersed in bath water without resulting in any safety concerns and without harming the toy.

Bath toys for children are a great way to bond over bath if you take care of safety concerns.

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