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Avoiding Baby Yeast Infection

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Most people think yeast infection is an adult condition only. What most people are unaware of is that it can also occur in babies. Caused by the fungus called Candida Albicans which naturally grows in the human body, baby yeast infection can be acquired by the baby from the mother or the food and drink the child consumes.

It is the condition wherein the fungus abnormally increases in number. Sometimes, as the human body undergoes changes, the event may trigger the drastic increase in the fungi population.

Although baby yeast infection is not harmful, it can cause discomfort to the baby and make him/her irritable and prone to crying fits or tantrums.

Baby yeast infection is generally localized on the tongue due to the constant varying levels of alkalinity from the different types of food and drink. If the baby’s tongue is not kept clean, they can develop yeast infection which is more commonly known as thrush.

You can easily tongue thrush because when a baby smiles, you will notice that the tongue is whitish in color which is most often mistaken as milk! One sure sign to tell if your baby has yeast infection is if the child develops diaper rash. If this is the case, then you can be sure that the white traces you see on your child’s tongue are not milk but a manifestation of baby yeast infection.

How to Prevent Baby Yeast Infection

Exercise diligence in wiping your baby’s tongue clean with a wet washcloth after every meal to remove any leftover food particles in the mouth.

As much as possible, do not put sugar in your baby’s food or drink.

If you breastfeed your baby, take extra care that you do not get thrush in the nipples. If you do, consult your doctor immediately.

If your baby shows sing of baby yeast infection, then the best thing to do is to bring your baby to the pediatrician for treatment.

Taking preventive measures is a lot better than having to do corrective procedures because by then your baby is already suffering from the irritation and discomfort of baby yeast infection.

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