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Baby Toys That Enhance a Child’s Development

Educational Learning Baby Toys
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Baby toys, according to child development professionals, are not simply given to babies to divert their attention and keep them out of parents’ way while awake; they have another, more important role other than keeping a child playing happily. Most educational baby toys are carefully designed to enhance the development of a child’s emotional, physical, intellectual and social traits at a very early age.

Toys are primarily educational tools that teach the baby about their world – how things work, what shapes and objects are, the different colors, how to interact with adults and children of the same age and a lot more. Properly designed, toys add excitement to a child’s learning experience about the things around him as he plays with them.

Types of educational learning baby toys according to baby’s age

  • 3 Months and Below: Most babies normally sleep for 20 hours a day! Make the most of the time they’re awake by choosing toys and nursery accessories that stimulate them and encourage them to use their developing senses. At this age level, the baby already reacts to noises and generally reacts positively to low pitched noises. You can start playing soothing music while baby is sleeping as it has been shown that music stimulates the brain’s alpha waves and creates a feeling of calmness. For his age level, the most common toys for babies are those that make noise and have bright, contrasting colors to stimulate their vision.
  • 3 – 6 Months: By this age level, the baby can already grasp small objects and put them in the mouth; this is also known as the beginning of the tactile level. Babies are more aware of their environment and respond to tickling, and games. You can introduce interactive toys and activities to encourage bonding and for baby to expand her physical boundaries. You can also initiate baby to breastfeeding necklaces, handheld toys of various colors and even baby books. You will also notice that at this age, the baby will have preference for music.
  • 6 – 9 Months: At this age, the baby will most likely be able to sit and start learning to crawl as well. The baby would also have greater motor skill coordination and would be able to hold objects with just two fingers. It is advisable at this age to encourage baby to start using his body by providing toys that require greater physical activity, balls are highly recommended. You can further enhance baby’s development by providing basic construction toys so that the baby will begin to use reasoning skills with toys and games.
  • 9 – 12 Months: By the time the baby reaches 9 months of age, they are more curious and exploratory. They can interact with their surroundings and normally go after something that draws their interest! Toys at this age level should be more interactive and responsive the baby will no longer appreciate passive toys! Language development also begins at this stage and baby’s vocabulary should be developed by introducing toys and games that develop language skills. They will also begin to mimic the actions of adults and begin role-playing on their own.

By giving your babies the correct toys at his age level will greatly contribute to his overall development and help him have a strong foundation for mental, social, physical and personal growth.

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