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Baby Stroller Buying Guide

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Durable and Lightweight Baby Stroller - photo by Lilian Sanchez

A baby stroller is a convenient way to take your baby along for a walk in the park on a beautiful morning, shopping and even to keep the little one safe and in place as you putter around in the kitchen or in the backyard.

The inventor of the baby stroller must be the idol of every mother in the world for coming up with such a nifty device! Mothers certainly love the freedom of not having to hold or carry their babies while they have the baby with them wherever they want to go.

Baby strollers come in all colors and designs and there are quite a number of brands available in the market for the parents to choose from. Since baby strollers are an indispensable part of parents’ lives, choosing the right baby stroller is a very important decision and should be made with care.

The recommended maximum weight of a baby stroller should not exceed 20 pounds. This allows you to easily carry or push the baby stroller around whether you are in the shopping mall or the park, or while taking the baby for a walk around the neighborhood.

Ensure that the baby stroller you buy is the right size so that you can easily stow it in the trunk of your car using one hand!

Durability, strength and balance should also be prime considerations in choosing a baby stroller. As babies are normally very active, the baby stroller should be strong enough to maintain balance even as the baby squirms around inside.

Choose a baby stroller with sunshades, adjustable and reclining seats, guard bars, adjustable safety restraints belts and lockable wheels.

Make sure the baby stroller you choose is equipped with straps, restraints, collapsible or pullout handles, harnesses and vehicle adaptors so you don’t have to take baby out of the stroller when driving around.

Make sure the baby is comfortable inside the stroller and has enough room to move a little. Choose one with special feeding tray attachments, pockets for feeding bottles, diapers, toys and other baby necessities.

Check out the various prices. Some less expensive baby strollers have the same features as the expensive ones simply because of brand name popularity; however, never sacrifice quality and the safety of your baby in choosing a baby stroller.

Some manufacturers offer add-ons and extras like carrying straps, cup holders, snack trays, gear bags and so on as if you are buying a vehicle.

Make a thorough comparison as much as possible between the various models available to ensure that functionality, safety and comfort are provided for your baby’s safety and comfort as well as yours before making a decision.


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  1. Drip Tray : says:

    baby strollers should be strong and sturdy, avoid those baby strollers that are made from plastic`:`

  2. baby strollers with high traction rollers should be much safer to use compared to those with plastic wheels “`.

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