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Baby Slings Contribute to Baby’s Emotional Development

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Baby slings have been in used for thousands of years in different areas of the world. It is not a new invention as others wrongly believe. A baby sling is a perfect accessory for parents who want to keep their treasured baby as close as possible to their body while at the same time being able to perform basic tasks.

The concept of carrying your baby in a sling is a fairly new practice in Western society. However, it is slowly gaining popularity because of the advantages it offers to parents and babies alike. Some of the advantages offered by the use baby slings are:

  • Freedom to use both hands at the same time
  • Worn properly, it can help the wearer’s back and shoulders
  • Gives the child a higher vantage point of view
  • Allows hands free breastfeeding
  • Allows parents to meet the needs of babies and older children at the same time
  • Makes use of public transportation less awkward as compared with a stroller

Aside from these basic benefits, it is now proven that babies who are carried and held more frequently by either parent do not become dependent. They actually grow and develop into happier, emotionally well adjusted individuals and are less prone to crying than babies who are held only during feeding time and occasionally throughout the day. Baby slings provide the baby with their need for touch and closeness which gives them a sense of security and protection.

Baby slings are not the same as front carriers for babies as a front carrier allows the baby’s legs to hang down with most of the baby’s weight at the base of his or her spine. On the contrary, a sling allows the baby’s weight to be distributed evenly and provides all over support.

By being carried in a sling, the baby develops trust, compassion and deep emotional attachment with others at an early age. A baby sling gives a baby warmth, comfort and continual close contact with the mother which most pediatricians see as an extension of baby’s experience while still in the mother’s womb.

In choosing your baby sling, makes sure that the materials and construction are durable and that illustrated how-to-use instructions are also included. If the varieties of choices readily available do not meet your requirements you can have baby slings custom made for you and your baby using your own choice of materials and color preference. Make sure that you are comfortable and that the baby is snug, practice for a few minutes daily and then extend the wearing time for a wonderful experience for both you and the baby.

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