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Baby Sitter – A Necessity We Can’t Do Without

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Baby sitters are an indispensable necessity that most parents need so that they can take the necessary time off from their work and domestic responsibilities. Parenthood is a very demanding job more so if you also have to work for a living. To be able to juggle these responsibilities, finding a dependable and trustworthy baby sitter is an absolute necessity in order to ease the stress of worrying about your baby whenever you are outside working or relaxing, even if only for a few hours.

It is a given fact that parents (mothers more especially) can not always take time off from work every time a child is unable to go to school due to sickness or spend a night out just by themselves because of child care responsibilities. However, a baby sitter easily resolves this situation. The problem is finding a baby sitter; one that you can trust with your child and who is responsible enough to handle almost any situation while you are away from home – be it for a couple of hours or for the rest of the day.

Finding a reliable baby sitter is difficult but just like anything else, you must have a starting point.

Finding a reliable baby sitter

Ask your neighbors for recommendation. It is very likely that you would have a neighbor who employs the services of a baby sitter regularly. If this is the case, then you already have a partial solution to your predicament.

You would be very lucky if you can find a good baby sitter recommended by your neighbor. If so, ask both the parents and the children as well for any feedback regarding the baby sitter. Although parents can give a pretty good assessment, the opinion of children matters even more since they are the ones who interact with the baby sitter on a regular basis.

If there are no baby sitters available in your neighborhood, you may need to widen your search further. In this case, you may have to drive the baby sitter back to her home after her stint.

Make sure that the prospective baby sitter can provide at least 2 references and make sure that you call them to verify her claims.

Interview your baby sitter to determine if she is alert, trustworthy and reliable in taking care of your kids.

Make sure to arrange for an initial getting-to-know-you meeting between your children and the prospective baby sitter before hiring her.

If you do hire the baby sitter, make her aware that she is not allowed to give any medications or medicines to the children except for bruises and bumps.

Ensure that the baby sitter has all the telephone numbers of neighbors or nearest relative and emergency services should an emergency situation arise.

The most important thing to consider aside from the references is the attitude of the baby sitter towards the children and the children towards her. If they get along well during the first meeting, then you are at least assured that everything will be alright. Problems may arise if there is no good rapport between the sitter and the children.

Discuss all rules that should be observed diligently in order to assure the safety and security of all concerned, especially the children since their safety is the primary reason you want to hire a baby sitter.

Once you find the perfect baby sitter for your children, then you should also make sure that your children do not abuse her kindness.

You can now spend a quiet time for yourselves or even maybe enjoy a lazy afternoon at the spa!

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