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Baby Shower Invitation Wording is Not a Difficult Task

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Baby shower invitation wording should be simple and straightforward apprising your guests about a few essentials. You are welcoming your little angel and you would definitely want it to be a memorable occasion. There is no need to spend sleepless nights over it.

There are a few important items if information that Baby shower invitation wording should include. Apart from a polite invitation, the most important thing is the date and time of the occasion. The venue and its address must not be forgotten. Include a map of the area may be included.

If you have already decided on the name of the baby you may even include that along with the mother’s name. If the gender is unknown do mention it. Do not forget to name the person to whom you expect your guests to R.S.V.P.Also indicate the last date for sending in regrets.

If you have any plans of conducting games do not forget to inform your invitees. You may write, ‘We would like to know what you looked like as a baby. Please carry a photograph of yourself as we will be requiring at one of the games we intend to play.’

If there are plans for gifts for the baby, insert a hint so that your guests are not taken aback. You may write, ‘This is Dressing up the Cherub Baby Shower. For you, the gift theme is Sleepy time.’ This saves a lot of botheration not only for the parents but also for the guests.

Here is a basic format for your baby shower invitation:

“We would like you to join us in celebrating Maryanne’s baby shower on 15th April at 2.00 p.m”
Venue: 354,Rollingstone Road, California.

R.S.V.P to Jane Wellington (555) 555- 2323”

A poem, verse or even a few self-composed lines may precede the invitation. The lines must reflect your limitless joy.

  • ‘God has blessed us with a girl from above
    With a little angel to shower our love.’
  • Harry and Joan’s cherub is on its way
    Lets all come together and celebrate the big day.
  • Hoard more diapers, hoard more toys
    Our loving Shirley is expecting 2 boys.

Baby shower invitation wording can be a lot of fun to compose on your own. It should be simple and rhythmic as most of the time the words come from the unborn child. Go ahead and try framing the invitation yourself. It is fun to be creative.


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  1. showerbabe says:

    Great tips! Glad to hear about making a polite and creative invitation here. I’m make a much more like this for my upcoming baby shower too. Love it!

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