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Exciting Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Baby shower games are the fun part of any baby shower party. However, there are instances when attendees of baby shower parties feel foolish because of some of the shower games that are played impromptu which may require wearing baby clothes or saying some words and phrases with a pacifier stuck in your mouth!

Considering that the guest list for a baby shower will probably be an eclectic group of family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church friends – the best way to get started is to get everyone laughing by playing baby shower games together. This is where the problem lies because most shower games are either too dull or difficult for adults. Good baby shower games are not that hard to find and have improved considerably beyond the guess how many diaper pins are in the jar.

If you put in some effort to search through the Internet, you will readily find sites that sell baby shower kits and games for baby showers that include printable invitations in a complementary design for your baby shower party needs.

The most important aspect to consider when thinking up of baby shower games is to make them short but fun. Baby shower games serve as ice breakers (especially if your guests are strangers to each other) and should concentrate on babies exclusively. Make sure that you do not serve heavy meals, snacks would be enough so that guests can play at least two or three games.

Some baby shower games you can play are Who Am I – each guest receives a piece of paper with the name of a famous person written on it and is taped to their forehead. They must then try to guess who they are based on the reactions of the other guests. Another fun game would be Who Is That Baby? – have your guests send photos of themselves as a baby. When all guests have arrived, you can have them try to match the baby picture with the grown person. The person with the highest score wins.

Other equally fun and entertaining baby shower games are Don’t Say It, Word Games, Baby Boggle, Advice Poem, Time Capsule, Diaper Tower, Dirty Diapers, Are You Hungry, Pacifier Pass and the Bottle Race.

Of course, winners should be rewarded with prizes for winning any of the games. Gifts for the winners of the baby shower games need not be expensive, what counts most is the happiness and excitement gained when playing the games.

While there are baby shower games available from most party stores, the most fun are those you create with the mother-to-be specifically in mind. Everybody is there to have a few laughs so make it as fun as can be, one that will be remembered as the best baby shower party they ever attended.

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