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Baby Shower Food Ideas for the Most Fussy Crowd

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Here are some baby shower food ideas that are generally well accepted by people and hardly ever go wrong. Read ahead to know how you can strike well with even those people who tend to be extremely fussy about their food choices…

  • Salads are one of the best things to prepare on this occasion. They are practically a must every baby shower menu, since it is one of those foods that most people cannot refuse to have. Prepare something with a chicken base and include the favorite vegetables and fruits of the season to make your salad exclusive.
  • Fruit punches make a great choice too. Not only are these easy to prepare, but you can try multiple varieties at the same time. If the food is being served on over the counter basis, it may be feasible to keep a few popular flavors ready and serve them as per the individual choices.
  • You can also try from multiple types of soups starting from chicken to vegetable to tomato to corn soup. They are easy to make and need very little last minute preparation. Thus all you need to do is cook your recipe in advance and put it in the refrigerator. When the baby shower ceremony starts and guests begin to come in all you need to do is to excuse yourself for a few minutes to reheat the soup and serve. Serve them with breadsticks that are readily available in the market.
  • Another one of those really safe baby shower food recipes that barely ever go wrong are sandwiches. Most people like to have them, and the best part is that you can get creative too. Therefore neither would you be doing something too predictable, nor would your food be rejected. To make it a creative baby shower food, try using different vegetable combinations and sauces than the usual stuff.
  • For baby shower food recipes, desserts make a great option too. You can try from a vast range of fruit desserts, to cakes and brownies dipped in ice creams that are known to be all time favorites. Serve the food in stylish plates with cute toppings to ensure that nobody can resist picking one up.

However, make sure that the baby shower foods and drinks you opt for; closely meet the preferences of those for whom the recipes are being prepared. You may need to take into account a number of factors like overall cooking style followed by the community and the tastes they have adapted to.

It is not rare to come across people who prefer a strict vegetarian diet these days, or people having strict diet restrictions owing to health problems or weight issues. Therefore, before deciding on any menu, try to consult the individuals involved and know their point of view on baby shower food ideas.

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