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Baby Rash Remedy – A Guide to Baby Rashes and it’s Treatment

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Baby rash remedy has many options but, first we have to understand the various types of rashes which can occur on baby’s body. This rash guide should help give an idea of what that rash on babies signifies.

Heat rash on baby is a common occurrence because babies are especially vulnerable to heat and humidity. Baby rash blisters are basically heat rashes filled with sweat which are formed when the pores get blocked and the sweat glands are unable to release the sweat.

At times, the heat and humidity exceed the ability of the baby’s body to release sweat. This is because the sweat glands of babies are not yet fully developed. Heat rash appears near the armpits, neck, face, chest or back.

Applying calamine lotion may help to a certain extent but the best way to prevent the condition is to dress the baby in light, cotton clothes during hot and humid weather and avoid putting the baby on plastic sheets. Avoid using bath oils or moisturizing lotions in warm weather as these also tend to block the pores.

Baby rash in face maybe infantile eczema which is a dry, itchy rash and normally appears on the cheeks or chin. It is not infectious and is usually found in families with a history of asthma or allergies.

Though this rash normally subsides by the time the baby reaches school-going age, for some, it may continue to be troublesome for a long time. Eczema can be treated by using a hypoallergenic soap daily or in severe cases, by the administration of antihistamines.

Another type of baby skin rash is the nappy rash which occurs mainly due to infrequent nappy changes. The bacteria in a dirty nappy starts causing irritation and rashes may appear on the baby’s bottom. In this instance, prevention is the best method and carelessness regarding changing nappies should be avoided. Many times, the rash can be due to some allergy to the washing powder in case of cloth nappies.

Diaper rash is one of the most common rashes appearing on babies and though lotions and creams are helpful to some degree, letting the baby air out is amongst the most helpful. Let the baby lie naked on a towel or cotton sheet as often as possible to clear up the rash.

Changing diapers frequently also helps as does cleaning the baby with water and cloth wipes instead of commercial wipes which have chemicals and may irritate the skin further. Baby red rash on his bottom may actually be a fungal infection called thrush and needs to be treated.

Baby rash remedy is plentiful and depending on the type of rash the baby has, one can choose the right remedy.


4 Responses to “Baby Rash Remedy – A Guide to Baby Rashes and it’s Treatment”
  1. Oscar says:

    My little girl suffered from diaper and nappy rash and it was long after I realized the cause was the detergent we were using.

  2. Eve Reid says:

    i really hated eczema because it does not look good and it is sometimes very itchy**.

  3. my girlfriend got eczema and this is a nasty and itchy skin disease.’;

  4. eczema infected skin are not very good looking at all and they are quite annoying *

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