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Baby Quilt Patterns Are Beautiful Form of Art and An Expression of Utility In Creativity

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Baby quilt patterns are quilts with special patterns specially designed and sized for the baby. It is a blanket or a spread which is made of two layers which has filled in between wool, cotton, feathers etc and stitched into something that looks very decorative.

The invention of a quilt was not for the sake of art but a necessity as it gave warmth. In the early days when scraps of cloth were left over of certain fabrics it was joined together to form a patch-work design which ultimately led to a quilt pattern.

Baby quilt patterns can be small units of quilt blocks. The top of the baby quilt is made up of these small units. Some baby quilt patterns require much more material and more steps as they are very difficult.

The most widely recognized baby quilt pattern was Sunbonet Sue, though the first pattern that came into highlight was with the juvenile theme. The lady Marie Webster who was a famous quilter created patterns and designs of quilts especially for very young babies and children.

The different patterns that are used for a baby quilt are 4 patch pattern, pinwheels and log cabin pattern. The traditional patterns like the log cabin pattern are now being modified by using fabrics with baby motifs on them.

The patterns may also have drawings of different animals in the centre. Popular stories are also depicted in the form of quilts which gives it a unique pattern. The most popular story book quilt patterns are Alice in Wonderland and Cat and the Fiddle.

Apart from these other patterns include Dolphin Dream Quilt Pattern, a Baby block quilt pattern which has alphabets or numbers in small blocks and are helpful in introducing to a child numbers as well as alphabets at a very age. Baby’s Busy Day Quilt Pattern, which may have anything.

Birth Bear Baby quilt Pattern is ideal gift to give to new parents. The quilt pattern which is very apt for the nursery as it gives a very warm feeling as well as a feeling of festival is the quilt. A quilt pattern which is specially designed to fit into strollers and car seats is the Coming and going stroller Quilt pattern. Dashing dragon quilt pattern. Home on the range quilt pattern, Lucky Ducky Quilt pattern. And stars ways quilt pattern are among the few of the lot.

Thus we can say that the form of art and craft which started in America in the 19th century, as this was the time when quilt patterns started getting importance among the quilt makers. Their art was recognized by different institutions and organizations and they received prizes for their designs and lovely quilts in the County Fairs. It has now set a new mark as well as name for itself in the market of baby quilt patterns.

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