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Baby Play Mats – How to Select Them Wisely

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While selecting baby play mats most parents fail to realize that a mat is meant to be more than a cute looking thing that you get for your little one’s amusement. This results in a totally unsuitable play mat purchase that ends up causing more inconvenience to the child than bringing them joy. So if you wish to avoid this situation, here is a checklist for you to ensure that you get only the best play mats for baby.

  • See if the mat ensures safety of the baby. You may not always be around while the baby is busy on the mat. Thus it is important to know that the mat does not have any hard corners against which the babies can bump and hurt themselves, especially hurt their heads in case they were to fall asleep while playing. Apart from being a soft play mat, you must also check if it tends to get too slippery when wet.
  • If you are opting for a baby mat that also has baby gym functions, firstly make sure that these baby playmats and gyms are detachable. Next, also check the gym features for their reliability, applicability, usefulness, and most important sturdiness. Most of the times parents who pay extra for a baby gym mat end up realizing that ultimately it serves no other purpose than visual attraction, so be careful.
  • Since toddlers tend to take everything in their mouth, while buying an activity play mat for babies it is also important to ensure that it is not made of toxic matter. For this, not only should you check the material with which the mat is made, but also the colors used, the toys attached to it, etc.
  • Test the mat for its comfort features. You can easily do this by placing your hands on the mat floor and pressing it slightly against the mat. Move your hands throughout the mat, touching and gently pressing every inch of it. See if it feels cushiony and comfortable. Ask yourself if your baby was to fall asleep on this mat, would he be able to rest properly.
  • Last but not the least, make sure that the mat is easily washable, and also that washing the mat for multiple numbers of times would not fade its color. We all are well aware of how messy babies can be. It is obvious that the toddlers play mats have to go through a regular washing routine.

To ensure a good buy, just put yourself in the baby’s perspective while buying their stuff so you don’t go wrong. A good idea is to buy play mats for baby manufactured by known brands so that there is least risk of a bad quality, or purchase something that could be hazardous for the child’s health. Do not compromise because your kid would spend a lot of time on his baby play mats.

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