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Tips for Joining Baby Photo Contests

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Baby photo contests are highly popular all over the world simply because all parents are naturally proud of their babies – the apple of their eyes! I know one mother who regularly submits her baby daughter’s pictures for photo contests when the child was between the ages of 3 to 6! And the wonder of it all is that her baby’s photos always garner either runner-up or 1st place in the contests they have joined!

How did she do the trick? Here are a few tips and tricks my friend so willingly shared so that other mothers can submit their baby’s photos properly regardless of the type of contest they want to join.

Make sure your child’s face is clearly visible. Take close up photos by zooming into the face area in a variety of poses like looking at an object, directly at the camera or when your child is laughing or smiling at someone else.

Take a variety of posed and candid facial and body shots and choose the best among them.

Make sure that the background does not steal the scene away from you darling baby! Make sure the main focus of the photograph is your baby and not the background. Remember, the main focus of the picture is our baby not the vacation spot you went to last summer!

Make sure the photos are clear; avoid panoramic shots and as much as possible take pictures in natural lighting conditions.

If you have to use flash in taking your child’s photographs, your main problem would be red eye. Some cameras have the ability to fix red eye condition or if you are comfortable working with computers, there are several affordable software programs that can enhance your photos including red eye effect removal.

Make sure that the sizes of pictures you submit are of 3×5, 4×6, 5×7 or bigger. This ensures that the judges of the photo contest can clearly see your child’s face and realize how cute your baby really is.


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  1. well, i always join photo contests but i have not yet won a photo contest `

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