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Choosing a Baby Name: Parents’ First Challenge

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Choosing your baby’s name is one the many challenges new parents face. Although for some it’s as simple as choosing a name after one or both of the baby’s grandparents, for others naming the newborn becomes a lengthy, frustrating and sometimes even a source of stress for new parents.

First, choosing a baby name should be a joint effort of the father and the mother. It should be something that satisfies both parents (and grandparents alike) but it should also be liked be the child since it would be the child will be carrying the name for life!

Parents have the choice of using popular baby names like Michael, Jacob, Matthew, Andrew, Daniel, William, Joseph, Jonathan, and Christopher for boys and Emily, Emma, Madison, Olivia, Hannah, Abigail, Isabella and Samantha for girls.

On the other hand, parents may prefer to use unusual baby names by changing the spelling of popular names like Jan, Kim, Jon, Matt, Dani or Elize!

Alternatively, you can also choose a baby name that reflects the seasons or name of months like April, September and May or names like Rose, Azul, Peach, Apple, Hyacinth, Daisy and Magnolia.

Biblical names like Abraham, John, David or Greek mythology names like Athena, Mars, Hercules, Apollo, Minerva or Juno are also becoming popular.

Tips for Choosing Baby Names
There are many things to consider when you finally select a baby name.

Is the name of choice correct, regardless of age? Or will it sound silly when it refers to an adult?

Will the name cause your child to be picked on by his classmates and peers?

Will your child have to constantly correct people in its pronunciation or spelling?

Are there any stereotypes (good or bad) associated with the name?

Most importantly, does it match with your last name?

The last one is more of a concern for boys because they will keep their name for life.

Both parents should sit down and make their list of names from which to choose from if the baby is a boy or a girl.

From the original list, they should cross out the names that they do not like until they are left with shortlist. From the shortlist, they then make a final choice for the final name for both sex so that they are readily prepared as soon as they baby is born.

Remember, the name you give your child is one that your child has to live with for the rest of their life. Should your child change their name on their 18th birthday, this means they are not happy with the name you gave them because you did a bad job of naming him/her when he/she was a baby.

Use the Internet as a source for baby names. There a several websites dedicated to baby names that you can easily find simply by typing baby names on the search bar of your browser.

Ask your friends, relatives or officemates for possibilities and be on the lookout for undesirable letter combinations formed by the initials of names that are on your list.

Do not be overwhelmed by the number of possibilities. Take your time before making a decision. Keep things in their proper perspective and you will surely be able to choose name that your child will be proud of for life.

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