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Home Remedies for Baby Coughing

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Baby Take MedicineBaby coughing can sound very distressing to new parents who immediately fly into a panic, imagining the worst possible things. But, new parents should take heart; if baby has a cough, it does not mean the end of the world and most likely, it is only because of a cold. This said, it is also a fact that small babies are susceptible to respiratory tract infections and all care should be taken to prevent them from catching a cold etc.

We all know the adverse effects of too much medication and would like to try home made remedies at first. For baby cold and cough, even though over-the-counter medicines are available, they should be best avoided (unless in severe cases) and a few home remedies tried out.

Every parent wants to make his baby as comfortable as possible if he has come down with a cold and cough but normal medicines contain chemicals which may be too harsh for your baby’s tender system. Also, recent studies have shown that cough syrups are full of sugar and are quite worthless in improving the condition.

Home remedies are better options as they are free of chemicals and side –effects and can be easily administered to the baby. For cold and cough in toddlers, taking the baby to the bathroom and running a hot shower will help. The steam from the shower will loosen the mucus from the chest and will help in relieving the congestion.

For toddler cough and fever, try treating the baby with homeopathic medicines. These show no adverse side –effects and though they make take slightly longer in showing results, the cure is more long-term. Giving the baby sips of warm water at regular intervals will help ease a sore throat and also loosen the mucus in the throat.

Putting the baby in a warm bath will also soothe the baby. Make sure that the bath water is tepid and not hot. You can even add a few drops of eucalyptus, thyme or sage oil in the bath water as the vapors from this oil-infused water will open the airways of the baby enabling him to breathe easier.

If the baby’s cough has been diagnosed as croup, taking the baby out in the night air warmly wrapped up will ease the inflammation in the upper airways.

But, constant coughing in children should be paid heed to since it may be an indication of asthma. Coughing fits or wheezing which become severe at night or after a bout of physical activity need the attention of a doctor and should be properly treated.

Baby coughing is not serious in most cases and home remedies can take care of it.


6 Responses to “Home Remedies for Baby Coughing”
  1. Mia Harris says:

    what is a good alternative treatment for asthma? i’m looking for some alternative medicine stuffs “

  2. asthma can really choke me when it attacks, ~;’

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  4. Chanel says:

    How do you ease baby’s cough while she is sleeping

  5. Nosheen says:

    Try rubbing the sole of the baby’s feet with baby balm and make her wear socks on them.hopefully there won’t be any coughing during the night.

  6. Mark says:

    Read an article lately about Californian sea-rooms…
    It seems that salty air can actually eradicate symptoms of asthma totally.

    The article was backed up by a study of over 40 fishermen who had suffered asthma prior to working at sea and a very high number never experienced asthma again after being onthe sea for over 3 months.

    Conclusion was that if you live near the coast, regular walks along the sea-front can help – and if not, read up on the availability of sea-room treatment in your area. Definitely worth investigating as a natural remedy.


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