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Baby Bratz – Love Them or Hate Them!

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Baby Bratz Twins Dolls - photo by David Mordey

Most young girls simply adore Baby Bratz dolls while some parents either intensely dislike or simply tolerate their daughter’s penchant to the Baby Bratz.

However, whether you like them or not, Baby Bratz are here to stay and compete head-on with all-time favorite Barbie! They make a perfect gift for your daughter or niece or even to an adult who is a serious doll collector. Baby Bratz will surely bring lots of fun time to your daughter without spending too much.

Baby Bratz dolls are unlike regular fashion dolls because they are two inches shorter in length but have great appeal to – tween girls from 8 to 12 years of age. They are the baby versions of Chloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha Bratz dolls in their infancy. Kids adore Baby Bratz and they spend hours dressing them up in various fashion styles.

Baby Bratz prices range from $7 to $11 each while their clothes and outfits go for about $5-$6 per pack. And just like little girls, they also have an almost endless list of girl accessories which cost anywhere from $8 to as high as $30, depending on the type of accessories you purchase.

A Baby Bratz dolls are an excellent gift choice for young girls compared to the teenager Bratz dolls’ which most moms and dads dislike because of their excess of makeup and the questionable tacky looks which may not be a good influence for – tween girls who are very impressionable when it comes to fashion, style and attitude and couldn’t care less if they are good or bad. A gift of a Baby Bratz doll will surely go long way in making your – tween daughter not feel out of place among her friends and her classmates in schools.

As for durability, Baby Bratz are almost child proof and pet proof as well. They stand up against a number of children’s typical abuses and very seldom do they break, unless of course you actually mean to break them.

You can find Baby Bratz line of cute dolls and accessories not only in the US but also in other countries worldwide. Baby Bratz has literally taken the world by storm with its line of cute little dolls, accessories and outfits. They each have their own unique identities and have been designed to cross ethnic lines, one of the major factors for Baby Bratz huge success worldwide. It takes off where Barbie left off and filled the gap for the – tween generation of young girls all over the world.

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