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Baby Bjorn Active Carrier is Worth Its Price

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Baby bjorn active carrier showing popularity among parents who are on the move most of the time.Baby bjorn active carrier has been designed especially for parents who are on the move and has become so popular that it had been awarded the 2004 Red Dot Design Award. Baby carriers are not something modern but have been in use for centuries in some cultures with the only difference being that they have now become highly developed models with numerous features. But the purpose remains the same; that of allowing close contact with the baby without actually holding him in arms even when on the move.

Modern parents still have to juggle with household tasks or child-rearing tasks and a baby carrier makes things just that much more convenient. Besides, research is showing that the physical proximity which a baby carrier entails between the parent and the child is psychologically more beneficial as the child feels secure and in intimate contact with the parent.

Baby bjorn carrier has been pioneers in this field and is often recommended to new parents. In fact, high endorsement comes from a leading children’s hospital in Ohio which states that ‘the intimate fit of all Baby bjorn baby carrier models help baby feel “at one” with the parent.’ The baby bjorn original carrier allows the child to be carried safely while being held close to the body, leaving the hands free. It was awarded the Design of the Decade prize in 1999.

The kind of support which a baby carrier gives to the back and shoulders is vital and a baby bjorn active carrier offers excellent support even for heavier babies. The double position strap system is cushioned and along with lumbar support it distributes the weight of the baby evenly, keeping the weight away from the shoulders. This makes the carrier appropriate even for taller and bigger parents.

While the comfort of the parents have been given due consideration in the design of the bjorn baby carrier, babies too have not been neglected. The active carrier has adjustable, padded head support for stability for newborn babies who should be placed inside facing inwards while older babies should be facing outwards with the head support folded down. This particular design also enables discreet breastfeeding. The height of the seat can be adjusted according to the growing heights of babies.

The ease of use and superior quality are what marks out baby bjorn carriers from others. Color-coded latches make it simple to use even for a parent who is with the baby on his own. The material of a baby bjorn carrier is a breathable blend of cotton and polyester which is cool and comfortable. A baby bjorn active carrier is long lasting and can easily be kept away for future use for newer additions to the family.

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