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Baby Age Talk – There is No ‘Right’ Age for it

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Young Little Age Baby Starts TalkingRegarding baby age talk we have all come across proud parents boasting that their child started to talk or walk etc at a very early age and how come so-and-so’s child still hasn’t started! This typically thoughtless remark has been the bane of many a new parent who start worrying inordinately if their child doesn’t start talking or walking by a certain age.

A baby talking early may be a source of pride for his parents but in no ways does it demean your own child if he is a late bloomer. The fact is that these developmental milestones are skills which babies learn in due time and though there is a typical age range for picking up these skills, by no means is there a specific age for infant talk nor is it mandatory that the skills be developed by that age. If in all other respects the baby is developing properly there is no cause for worry as there is no fixed age of when should baby talk.

The age babies start to talk varies from baby to baby. Most babies do not talk before their first birthday and their earliest words develop from pointing. By the time he turns one, he has started responding to sounds by turning in the direction of the sound and watching the face when someone speaks. Sounds familiar to him also elicit response from the baby as does calling out his name.

Simple instructions like ‘no’ or ‘very good’ is beginning to be understood by the baby and he tries to repeat familiar sounds or words. Though this infant speaking may come out as babbles like ‘ba-ba’ or ‘ma-ma’, they are enough to make the new parents ecstatic.

By 17 months of age, he will start pointing to those things when you call out their names or if the sounds are made. His vocabulary mainly consists of names of people, places, animals or things.

By two years age baby talk involves combining words like ‘more water’ etc and naming more objects in the environment. The toddler starts understanding simple full-length sentences and may even attempt to use pronouns like ‘he, she, me or I’ though the distinction may not be always be clear to him.

The speech accuracy becomes more pronounced by the time the child is about three years and he can construct sentences, uses pronouns more correctly, knows the usage of prepositions like ‘in or on’ and plurals and can even use certain past tenses.

These examples of baby age talk are only an indication of how and when a baby, in the most general terms, begins to talk and by no means should be the sole guidelines of measuring your child’s abilities.


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