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Taking Charge Of Asthma Child Treatment And Creating Pure Environment

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Asthma child treatment is very important to safeguard the child from severe asthma attacks. Asthma is a chronic disease caused by narrowing of airways and inflammation in the lungs. Since young children and babies have smaller bronchial tubes, asthma caused to them can be more severe and chronic if not properly treated.

Since Asthma in young child develops due to a complex interaction of genetics, reaction of the immune system and the environmental conditions it is necessary to provide a well planned medical guidance to counteract all the conditions.

Medication of Asthma in children must be taken care of even when the child is feeling good so as to prevent even a mild asthma attack which may be fatal to the child as they have small bronchial tubes. A right plan for child healthcares must be developed in consultation with a physician having expertise in child respiratory functions.

If asthma symptom in child is visualized more than two times a week then it is advisable to continue with long term medications for persistent asthma. Medications must be supported by avoiding situations which gives rise to asthma. It is advisable to keep the pets of house away from the asthmatic child and they must not be allowed in any case to sleep in the child’s bedroom.

Dust mites and dander must be controlled and prevented by using new mattress covers and washing bed sheets in hot water. Carpets are not suited as they harbor dust mites as do mattresses. Asthma and children are two opposite situations. Children love to play with pets but they can carry pet dander on their clothing which may be harmful to them.

Fungal odor, mold and mildew are worst respiratory allergens and it must be seen that the child is kept away from any such thing. The room of the child must be kept neat and clean in order to avoid any dust allergy to the child.

Although Asthma is a condition which cannot be cured absolutely, but proper precautions must be taken to keep it under control. Oral or injected corticosteroids may be administered to the child for controlling the severe asthma.

For long term treatment of Asthma inhaled corticosteroids such as beclomethasone dipropionate, fluticasone propionate, flunisolide and budesonide are preferred in inhaler forms. These have to be taken regularly to keep asthma under control and prevent any asthmatic attack.

Asthma child treatment is a plan where parents need to work hard in advice with the medical practitioner to prevent any trigger in asthma caused by any unwanted environmental conditions surrounding the child.

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