Friday, December 15, 2017

Sensible After School Activities for Better Child Development

After school activities contribute greatly to your child’s development and should be chosen with care and wisdom. Aside from the regular academic curriculum, extra curricular activities have a great impact on a child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual growth.

How then do you choose which one your child should engage in, given the number of after school activities on offer that are all equally worthwhile?

Questions you should ask

  • What are the objectives of the activity?
  • Does the activity provide enough challenges to your child?
  • Are the results measurable?
  • Would it contribute to your child’s emotional, intellectual, social and physical development?
  • How many other children are enrolled in the same class?
  • Is it safe? This is the primary factor of consideration in any after school activity your child may whish to engage in.

Getting the answers to the above questions would give you the opportunity to evaluate and narrow down the choices of your child’s after school activity. A worthwhile non-curricular activity should provide opportunities for growth and motivate the child to increase further their level of understanding of complex concepts in an outside the classroom experience.

Whether the child is learning to dribble a cross-over, swim the scissors stroke or pitch a ball, the child should be encouraged to deal with and conquer new concepts successfully and without intimidation.

In this manner, monotony of various activities is prevented through challenges that the child learns to conquer on his own terms. This in turn makes the child more self-confident and assured of his personal capabilities as he goes through the various obstacles and challenges one by one in a progressive manner as outlined by the after school activity.

The all-around development of a child is foremost in any after school activity to make the youngster a dependable, responsive and trustworthy member of society at a very young age. The enrichment of a child’s talent and personality through after school activities assure the parents that the child learns not only academic but also equally important interpersonal skills.

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