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What Are The Best And Worst Things About Being A Mom Today? – A Perspective

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The arguments about the best and worst things about being a mom today can be endless. Parenting is undoubtedly fraught with immense pressure nowadays and bringing up children with the right moral and ethical values is not an easy job.

With more and more mothers working, the bringing up of kids has become a contentious issue. With both parents being away to work for the better part of the day, the child is often left to fend for himself or is under the supervision of the domestic help. This is probably one of the worst things about being a mother today.

Economics is one of the major factors driving mothers to work and they feel guilty about being able to spend less time with their children. Children being alone at home while they are at work plays upon the mothers’ mind and they are always uneasy from within. Even those who work simply for self-fulfillment cannot wish away that slight feeling of guilt especially when there are small children.

The world is becoming more and more unsafe nowadays and mothers are always worried about the safety of their small children.

Earlier, peer-pressure was something which only adolescents had to deal with but, now, small children as well as their mothers have to face tremendous social pressure. The trend of spending money endlessly in order to have the best of everything, whether or not the mother can afford it, is widely prevalent in pre-primary and primary schools.

Children compare as to who is wearing what or possessing which designer brand and kids from less affluent backgrounds feel inferior and, they in turn, put pressure on their parents to give them the same things. It takes a brave parent now, not to succumb to pressure and not merely because of financial reasons.

Mothers also have to deal with more temper tantrums and psychological disturbances due to the crass consumerism advertised heedlessly on television, magazines or newspapers. It is very difficult for the mother to keep an eye on her child so that he does not go astray.

Notwithstanding this gloomy picture, now mothers have realized that they can no longer be the stereotypical strict mothers and it is alright to have fun with your child. One of the best things about being a mother today is that children now look upon their mother as a friend and a confidante, if this bonding can be built-up.

Mothers also participate more in their children’s activities. The other good thing is children now get a lot more opportunities to hone their all-round development. Thus, each parent has a different take on the best and worst things about being a mom today.

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