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Pamper Your Baby – Go for 2nd Hand Baby Items

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2nd hand baby items make sense if you are struggling, new parents or if you really do not wish to spend exorbitant amounts on certain things which are going to be of use only for a short time.

Babies outgrow their clothes notoriously fast and very often, parents seem to be buying new sets of clothes every month. This can certainly put a strain on your finances. Opting for used baby clothes is a good choice especially if there are enough older children in your own family circle. Your nephews’ or nieces’ clothes can be passed on for your baby and it is perfectly acceptable as long as they are in good, usable condition.

Very often, expensive clothes are found to be rarely used because of the parents’ over-carefulness and by the time they realize that it is in the baby’s closet, baby has outgrown them. Good quality children second hand clothes like woolens, coats, jackets especially last very long because they are seasonal items and many of them are also available in 2nd hand baby shops.

Purchasing second hand baby accessories like prams, bassinets, mobile toys, walkers etc. also make great sense because of the expense involved. Prams, strollers, bassinets do not come cheap and are going to be used by the baby only for a specific period of time.

Baby pillows, rugs, blankets can all be got second hand and they will save you a good amount of money. Only make sure you thoroughly wash and disinfect them before use. These accessories can easily be bought from used baby item stores at very reasonable prices.

The areas where you should use discretion in using 2nd hand baby things are in items like baby bottles, toiletries, teethers or small toys. It is best to buy these things fresh, though bottle warmers can be bought second hand.

Though brick and mortar stores are always there for second hand shopping, the convenience of online shopping has become a boon for time-starved parents. The days of leisurely shopping being long over, it is all new parents can now do to gather the basic essentials for the baby.

The internet abounds with sites dealing especially in second hand baby things and items are also put up for sale or auction on many of them. Sites like eBay regularly sell used items including children second hand clothes and second hand baby accessories. It offers a wide variety of choice and you can take your pick.

But, if you are very particular about what you buy for the baby even if it is used, check out proper stores. Using 2nd hand baby items do not mean lack of self-respect but is simply a matter of choice.


3 Responses to “Pamper Your Baby – Go for 2nd Hand Baby Items”
  1. useful article for parents.

  2. Oscar says:

    For me it is okay to get second hand items for your baby if you personally know whom those items came from, especially if those were clothes. For one, if you know where those items came from, you have an idea of their hygiene practices and therefore passing on quality checked items for your baby. :)

  3. donna says:

    its a great idea. ive been thinking of opening a shop where people could bring their unwanted kids items in exchange for cash id then freshen them up and sell them on. As long as their in excellent condition i dont see a problem with it! being a mum myself i wouldnt buy and sell anything i wouldnt give to my own children..

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