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The Prefect 2nd Grade Reading Comprehension for Your Kid

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Coming up with a proper 2nd grade reading comprehension is difficult for parents and teachers alike. Most kids at that age are not excited about proper reading and want to spend the entire day playing alone or with their friends. The plain and boring passages given in school textbooks only add to the problem.

If you want a child to be reading properly, you must take all the steps to make the passage seem exciting to him. You can use lots of different tools to make children like a passage and get excited about reading it out.
The main areas which you should concentrate on should be how to improve reading skills for kids. They should be made to believe that reading is a fun activity and should be practiced daily. Your first task would be to get them interested in the passage.

You can select any popular kid’s story which is a favorite at that time, or buy cartoon stories. Chances are, they already know and love the story and it would increase their excitement to read it out in front of their friends in class. A proper reading lesson plan should include lots of creative comprehensions and even asking the children to act out different parts in the class.

A technique which often works both at class and home is the reward technique. Children at that age always love to be praised and rewarded for their work. You can plan a variety of reading comprehension activities and split the class into groups. Each group can work together on a different section, reading it out the way they want.

If you introduce a prize system for the best readers of the class, you would suddenly find everyone making a lot more efforts. It takes a lot of time and patience to get children to like elementary reading comprehension and enjoy it. You should make reading seem like fun rather than a regular class exercise.

The amount of reading material given in 2nd grade should be small and simple. You can focus on picture compositions a lot as children would love to see new and exciting pictures of their favorite characters. You should also keep in mind that the level of reading skills would vary from student to student. It is easy to make a journal noting down individual flaws and work with the child to improve them over a period of time.

Stories about comedy, adventure and normal questions about life fascinate kids the most. If you keep the material fresh and exciting on a daily basis, the kids would fall in love with the concept of reading. When you are choosing a proper 2nd grade reading comprehension, remember to pick one that would connect with your pupils.

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