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Signs of Teething Diarrhea in Young Infants

January 22, 2010 by  
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As the child grows up the parents are faced with several problems. Every developmental change is characterized by a new problem. With the onset of the teething period, the child suffers from diarrhea. Both the mother and baby suffer from the troublesome teething diarrhea. Doctors feel that actually the two are not connected. During the […]

Comfortable Potty Training Seats for Babies Easy Toilet Training

January 21, 2010 by  
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A useful potty training seat is essential to give your baby good potty training. It is important that you train your child at an early age, so that the baby becomes self dependent and you are relieved of one tedious duty. Potty training gives the baby a sense of timing, location and duty. It also […]

Handy Hints on Bathing a New Born Without Being Scared

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Bathing a new born can give new mother jitters! A new born child is tender and mothers are often nervous when they bathe their new born. The soap makes the hand slippery and the risk of the baby slipping off is always there. Learning a few tips on bathing a new born will free them […]