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Tips for Joining Baby Photo Contests

April 30, 2007 by  
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Baby photo contests are highly popular all over the world simply because all parents are naturally proud of their babies – the apple of their eyes! I know one mother who regularly submits her baby daughter’s pictures for photo contests when the child was between the ages of 3 to 6! And the wonder of […]

Educational and Informative Animal Books

April 27, 2007 by  
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Animals have a strong appeal and charm for most people, especially children. Majority of people love them and some are hopelessly captivated with their fascinating behaviors and looks. This is why even children are so excited and look forward to visits to the zoo to see up close and personal animals they have only seen […]

Monitoring Children’s Diet is a Must!

April 23, 2007 by  
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Obesity is one of the health problems that beset children in developing countries all over the world. This severe condition may sometime lead to early health complications and even death, which makes it very important for proper monitoring of what our children eat on a daily basis. One of the major stumbling blocks of parents […]

Understanding Toddler Discipline

April 12, 2007 by  
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Parenting effectively is often the hardest task any person can undertake, and yet many parents are quite oblivious when it comes to how to go about instilling discipline into their children. There are a vast amount of toddler discipline approaches which abound in our modern times, and many contain very helpful and important information. It […]

Raising Your Preschool Toddler Boy

April 9, 2007 by  
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Frustration and nerve wracking are generally the most common descriptions parents come up with when discussing the ins and outs of raising a toddler. However, raising a toddler boy is a fun and rewarding experience, if you know how to effectively prepare yourself with ideas and activities that will keep your little boy occupied so […]

Good Sleep Habits for Kids are Advantageous to Health

April 1, 2007 by  
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The importance of good sleep habits for kids is an essential factor for good health, proper growth and overall well-being. Just like adults, children need plenty of sleep every night in order to function more effectively throughout the day; enough hours of sleep keep them more alert, gives children the ability to concentrate better, gives […]